Yvonne Liew is a freelance photographer with a diverse portfolio having dabbled in many styles of photography. She grew up in Wellington and studied at Massey University where she graduated with Honours in a Bachelor of Design majoring in Advertising and Visual Communication. The years that followed were spent between New Zealand and London working as a graphic designer and a studio production manager.

In 2009, while residing in the South of France, Yvonne rekindled her love of photography. Between working, sunbathing, eating an obscene amount of cheese and listening to French audio tapes, Yvonne dedicated all her free time to photography.

When Yvonne isn't writing in third person, she is either lining up for dumplings at the Sunday markets, enjoying a few wine with friends, planning her next holiday or out photographing sunsets and the milky way.

If you have any questions about her work or availability, please use the form on the contacts page. If you would like to see more of her work then click on the Facebook link below.